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I’m Soulaima Gourani.

A professional Speaker, Author, Advisor, Investor and Life Design Coach dedicated to unlocking your potential and helping you bloom as a speaker.

I deliver over 200 public talks a year around the world. I have spoken in over 30 countries, and am active in debates and as an expert in the media.

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I’m Anne Skare Nielsen.

A futurist, lecturer and provocateur all over the world and an advisor to multi-national companies. I appear as an expert frequently in the media and have my own nationally broadcast television show. My heart lies with the people who “can and will”: those who are passionate about what they do.

I have amassed key learnings which will help boost you to success faster - so that we can all benefit from what you “can and will” do.

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We will share secrets that we have spent the last 20 years perfecting.

How to captivate your audience. How to feel at home in the spotlight. Realize your potential…become an impactful speaker every time you open your mouth.

Learn how to become a
professional speaker
or just present like one.

Step by step lessons on how to bring your best to your audience. Gain access to our 21 video online course and an exclusive members only community, to activate and support you through your transformation to becoming a vibrant speaker. 

What we offer

  • Online course preparing you to find your story, take the stage, own the mic.
  • 21 video series “How to captivate your audience” by Soulaima and Anne.
  • 6 Month exclusive membership to our online community.
  • 12 live sessions - 5 hour long sessions and 5 open sessions at the start during our 14 day get started boost with kick start help live and time for Q & A's
  • 6 experts share their insight and tips for success.
  • Once a week check-ins with the group to discuss progress, pitfalls and triumphs.
  • Guidance and support to master your technique and learn how to shine on stage.
  • Online master class available today for those who just want a self guided process without group support.

We can’t wait to share
what we know with you…
and then watch you SHINE!

- Soulaima & Anne

6 Tips and Treasures

Got something to say? Don't hold it in anymore. Scroll through these tips to start speaking like a professional. We think everyone deserves to be heard. So, speak up!

- Soulaima & Anne


Your Unique Gift…

I have always been a working mom. I have 4 boys that keep me on my toes. When I have to travel out of Europe to speak and I am away for a few days, it helps me to think that I am making the world a better place. As a futurist, I help organizations prepare for societies future need.  My unique perspective helps people think differently about tomorrow. Find a topic that inspires you and others.
It is always nice to travel back home where I can see the future up close.
- Anne

Own Your Power

Do NOT miss out on learning or on changing! Create the opportunity at hand to make it big. Your life is full of untapped potential.There are lots of unconventional ways to build a great career and life you can be proud of, and plenty of incredible opportunities hiding in plain sight & you just need to know how to discover them.


To tell your story, you must first start with answering these 4 questions:

1) What are you good at and passion about?
2) What do you envy and admire with others? Use it as a benchmark to train your own facilities.
3) When do you have your "Moments of Magic"? Gather them - you need them as the starting point.  
4) Combine your passion, your drive and your magic - then you have the recipe for the most epic edition of Yourself.

- Anne

It’s ok to be nervous

I get nervous when I am speaking in front of an audience of 5000, like when I was the Keynote speaker at the Nordic Business Forum. Now, what you do with that energy is more important. Technique and Practice will ease your nervousness. If you know what to say and how to say it, that is more than half the battle.

- Soulaima



When I am on TV, I have a producer in my ear always! I am never alone. Here, you are never alone. We teach you how to avoid all the stupid mistakes that we made. You'll probably make a few still, but you'll have us, your community behind you - to lift you up whenever you need us.

- Anne

Being Prepared

When I am debating on live TV, I spend a lot of time preparing… researching my opponents, if I don’t know them and studying up on the topic and questions we might be asked.

I make sure to share my opinion and define my arguments, that’s why they ask me back over and over again.  I am proud of my voice which took me years to find, sculpt and own.

- Soulaima

I’m a student and couldn’t actually afford a membership of Nerdy Speakers, but the passion I was met with from Anne and Soulaima convinced me pretty fast. They are there for you. I have reached out a few times with issues specifically related to my own project and they both willingly helped me out with quotes and advice for my podcast and upcoming book. They really want you to succeed. Same thing goes for Trine, who is the community manager in our closed Facebook group. She recommended me to a network in which I am now a speaker.

I especially liked to online course which I have seen quite a few times now and find very inspiring. Besides I got a wonderful network of people in my situation. We support each other and give each other feedback.

Now I have gigs once a week and make three times as much money as before.