Your professionalism isn’t the most important element!

Your professionalism isn’t the most important element!
In my experience, people don’t remember you just because you’re academically skilled, but they do remember if you’re passionate and have impact. They don’t always care about your title or position. The future belongs to great communicators. Even politics is now more about emotions and less about facts. If you master people`s emotions you master the power and the future.

Enthusiasm and energy are stronger then professional competences alone. If you’re highly skilled AS WELL AS passionate about your topic, you hold a strong position. Then it all forms a synthesis, and people will experience you as authentic. An authentic person follows his or her heart and appears passionate. That’s why it’s important to feel strongly about what you do, so you can perform with energy.

Enthusiasm and its infectious positive energy have become valuable and coveted qualities because they make you stand out from the crowd.
The opposite of energy is composure. It’s important to find a balance between the two so you express an inner peace and present your message wrapped in positive energy.

Letting out too much energy will make your audience perceive you as a never-ending display of fireworks. In conclusion, people will remember you if you make an impression. Work with your energy and learn to manage it so it’s always as positive as possible.

Not sure about it? Perhaps this will convince you: think about how often you assess a person based on his or her energy, personality, and charisma. That impression is often stronger than what the person said or did.

Think about how you react when you meet someone who’s enthusiastic, energetic, enlightened and excited? It’s contagious, and you remember the person much clearer than someone who’s quiet and timid.

The energy you bring with you and leave in a room is part of your image and personal business card.

The “Shining Eyes Principle”
If you want people to remember you, then you must live up to the “shining eyes principle”, which quite simply is about having shiny and sparkling eyes.

Eyes that appear alive and smiley are very convincing and attractive. Who wouldn’t prefer to work with someone who has such attractive eyes than with someone whose eyes are dull, sad, and distant? Take a look at recent photos of yourself. What do you see?

What expression do your eyes have? Is there a spark of life, or are they eyes that wouldn’t even attract and allure you if you saw them on someone else?

If you can make people like you, that is, if you can form an emotional connection with them, you become someone that others want to cooperate with and recommend – not warn against. A person with such abilities is what companies want to hire and pay for.

Your energy ensures that you appear passionate (which makes you memorable). When you’ve had a meeting or a conversation with someone, do you always remember that person clearly afterwards?

You don’t, do you? Often the reason is that the person in question didn’t leave a significant imprint that made him or her worth remembering. Way too often we strive to appear cool, distant, professional, and clinical in our relation with others. Consequently, most conversations and meetings become one big muddy soup of insignificant impressions.

That’s really too bad, because it’s so easy to do something about. We remember those who inspire trust, and we trust those who remind us of something that we know from other (safe) situations. As the well-known psychologist Robert Zajonc writes, we are determined to choose people that we feel safe with. He stresses that we like what we remember. That’s why it’s so important to make people remember you for something good! It’s key to develop skills and polish your behavior so you build and maintain the ability to create impact.

In other words: your market value is created through your energy and your ability to mediate, network, and build emotional connections.

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