We guess you are here because you have something to say.  And maybe you’re not sure how to say it. Listen, we get it.  It can be scary but why let that stop you from becoming who you were meant to be.

Take an active decision, that this is something you WANT to be good at, and spend some time doing it.

Talent is good.
Training is better.

YOUR potential



Through this program, you will transform the way to communicate, finding your strength, your voice and your story. You will learn how to speak from the heart, share what impassions you, and unlock your potential to earn a living as a speaker. Professional Keynote speakers Soulaima Gourani and Anne Skare Nielsen, based on 20 years of experience each, have developed this program which includes a 21 video series step-by-step lecture training, a community of supportive like-minded visionaries and access to live Q & A sessions.

About Soulaima



Anne Skare Nielsen, Future Navigator and Soulaima Gourani, Founders of nerdyspeaker.com have joined together to create Nerdy Speakers, an online masterclass and community for budding lecturers, passionate storytellers, visionary leaders and nerds who deep in their heart have something to share.


There is nothing better, more challenging and enriching than the work we do. We are really excited to teach other people what we know and to see them succeed. Everyone deserves a good working life, and being able to communicate in a fun and efficient matter can be considered a key that can open a lot of doors.

We are going to give to you some of the best keys that we have learned over the years.


You, who carry important messages, you, who have to speak in front of colleagues, or who, as a lecturer, want to impress your audience...or you as an entrepreneur who has to pitch your company - you can learn these skills and become an amazingly inspiring speaker. These keys can be used by anyone who can't help grabbing the microphone.

You are allowed to do it. And you're not too much. So grab the microphone. And get up and shine.


When it comes to the art of communication, we know what we are talking about - and we also know that there is no stage or audience that is better than another. Each time you get up on the podium, you get the most beautiful gift in the world: the attention of other people. It doesn't matter whether what is the Prime Minister's New Year's Speech or the fun words at a happy occasion.

A good speaker is never better than the audience - and therefore the task is always to take the audience to new heights. Release energy, give hope, show the way to new opportunities, and take them on a journey where they see what you want them to see.


Talent is a gift that some have been lucky enough to possess since birth. Some people never discover their talents, and other people use their talents to break boundaries. In the book Mindset, Carol Dweck found that having a talent often sabotages one's long-term success. If you get success too soon, you won't develop that spine and discipline that is necessary in order to become really, really good at something for many years to come. Instead, you quit once you face resistance, and you take your mistakes way too personally.

But you cannot get good at anything without going through phases where everything just stinks. The stinking phase is part of all mastering.


Being able to do talks, speak to journalists, make an amazing speeches in front of your employees, or touch people's hearts at a wedding is not magic: it's a matter of exercise. The people we remember from world history, those voices we can hear in our heads forever are those who have trained, trained, trained to find the tone and style that allows them to get an authentic message through. Do not use "talent" as an excuse that YOU don't deserve to be heard.

Take an active decision, that this is something you WANT to be good at, and spend some time doing it, just as you would with other kinds of training. Take courses, read books, watch TED talks, notice what others are doing when they're on stage.


Consider the training in speaking in front of others your own personal development project. On the top 10 list of what people fear most in life, "public speaking"; is no. 3 and "to die"; is number 6. I.e., most people would rather die than do a lecture. No. 1 is to be excluded by the community, and no. 2 is not to be loved. And the rest are something with sharks, ladders and clowns. Being afraid is human and natural. What we are afraid of, is learned behaviour. The primary reason why people do not get up on stage is due to the fear of being excluded and exposed: Here I stand alone, naked and vulnerable. But guess what, daring to get up naked and vulnerable, that's probably the only way to be seen, heard and loved as the person that you are. It is one of the great paradoxes of life: that we have to leave the safe framework and stand (more or less) majestic and alone in order to be able to enter into a safe framework and to be seen and loved as we are.

And yes, sometimes you can drop down, like a newborn giraffe from 2 meters high, and deliver a not so pretty performance. But then we'll do it again. And again. And again.


Speaking in front of others is a sort of therapy. Not just personally but also in relation to your audience, your organization and your environment. We have been telling stories since the dawn of time, and it has often been the same stories over and over again. It is – wise researchers will say - an important part of one's development as a human being. And that's why attention is so nice. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work out each time - in that case, you can just join the club, together with all the athletes, artists and other performers you admire.

People who actively choose to dedicate part of their time to developing themselves into the people they want to be so that they can do the jobs they were born to do.



If you want to become better at presenting your ideas in public, are nervous when speaking in front people, or even want to earn a living as a professional speaker, then you have come to the right place.


Nerdy Speakers is A community for budding lecturers and ambitious communicators - people who are ready to share themselves with the world but also may need a safe place to get started. It’s hard to do it alone, so you’ll have a community backing you up and cheering you on. It's a place to learn from the best in the industry, in a program designed to discover, hone and launch your voice. 


You’ll learn “How to captivate your audience” and get access to the digital course "Stand Up - Speak Out / Take the Stage", a 21- class course in which you can immerse yourself and learn at your own pace for a 1 year period. You also benefit from the following: 

  • 12-month membership in a private, supportive community with like-minded visionaries like yourself.
  • 12 gifts from Anne & Soulaima during the year where, for example, we host a live webinar online Q & A. Where we will all learn and laugh together.
  • Weekly meeting to discuss progress, answer questions and cheer on each others wins lead by our awesome hardworking community leader. She will make sure the mood of the club is amazing and will give you a helpful push when you need it.


​​You can be anywhere in the world. In a dress or suit. We do not care how young, old, experienced, insecure, untested or afraid you are. With us you will be in a safe community that is with you on your journey of discovering yourself. We can't wait to help guide through to the successful experiences that await you.

In short: if you have a mouth and a message that burns inside, but do not know how to get it out, join Nerdy Speakers!


  • By answering each other's questions and giving good advice.
  • Write books, articles and help each other in the media.
  • Make new friends and meet in workgroups, or talk to each other.

Find out how to evolve, overcome nervousness, earn money, build your brand, and set the stage for your messages. And even more importantly we teach you how to avoid all the stupid mistakes that we made. You'll probably make a few still, but you'll have us behind you to lift you up whenever you need us.

Use the online education as a reference frame - you have all the material at your disposal for 12 months, so watch the videos over and over until it becomes part of your knowledge bank. For those moments when you really need it, it will be there like a whisper in your ear saying that everything will be okay.

You are amazing. And people need to hear what you have to say.  So stop apologizing and start monetizing your voice.


The year is structured to help you discover your brand, make your website, start your business, find your message - without stress and pressure.

Get started earning money, set your price right and travel the world so people can share their appreciation with applause.


We do not believe that you can rely 100% on learning. Many people only learn when they are safe and happy. So we start giving to you from our heart first - and we hope you will do the same.

Give yourself time to immerse yourself. Invest a year of your life to acquire a competence that everyone dreams of: the ability to conjure up an audience.

Nobody succeeds alone. And if they did, it would be boring. Become part of a dedicated community, where we help each other.

Find yourself along with like-minded people who believe in you. We love ambitious, crazy, original people. And we'd like to help you get the best out of who you truly are meant to be.



"Do you have any questions? Email us at sg@soulaima.dk.Or sign up to know when our free introductory FB group opens up!"